Brand Protection/ Anti counterfeit

Security features from Decal:

  • Make it more difficult for counterfeiter to make convincing copies
  • Help manufacturer to distinguish authentic from counterfeit products
  • Help manufacturer to better monitor distribution channels
  • Improve surveillance of distributors and re-packagers
  • Provide value-added solution for manufacturer to prevent fake, unapproved products from entering the supply chain

Cold Stamping

Cold foil transfer enables metallic-gloss designs to be produced that would be hardly achievable, in a comparable level of brilliance, by any other means. Abundance of design possibilities is provided by the ease of overprinting of the cold foil. Multi-colour overprinting of the foil can be performed without difficulty, which enables the achievement of a very striking interplay of metallic gloss and inks. By selecting opaque or transparent inks and varying the raster values for either the ink or the cold foil, very different metallic effects and levels of gloss can be achieved.

Tactile Printing


We are the specialist in the production of pressure-sensitive labels with a raised tactile finish. This is done through the use of a special tactile varnish. The benefits of adding a tactile finish into the label design helps to add grip to products that need to be squeezed (such as personal care products like shampoo or bath foam). In addition, it also greatly enhances the shelf appeal of such products as it made them stand out on the shelf. Thirdly, it also creates a 3D effects on the labels when certain images or areas are being raised using such tactile varnish.

HighBuild Silkscreen

Imagine having high build effect on label such as text, water droplets, symbols, touch-readable Braille… It would really bring them to life. Such effects can be achieved through our rotary screen printing process, in combination with our Flexo printing, this results in a wide choice of new and interesting application possibilities.

Scented Printing & Lenticular Products

The scented oil per oil permeates the air as you scratch and sniff our labels on your products.  It is tested and proven marketing tool that arrests attention and create a lasting memorable impression. The scent is enclosed in micro capsules that will produce the desired fragrance when broken by friction. Lenticular prints are now used as a marketing tool to show products in motion. The printed image showed depth or motion as the viewing angle changes. This brings to life a product that has no motion or effects.

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